What’s your view on NHS-funded patient transport?

CCGs across the South West are working together to develop a consistent approach to assessing whether patients are eligible for NHS-funded patient transport.

Patient transport is a non-emergency service offered to people who cannot get to their hospital appointments because their health condition impacts on their ability to use routine transport (cars/trains/buses/taxis/wheelchair taxis).

National eligibility criteria were set in 2007, however the way these are interpreted locally can vary, including agreed exclusions and how to apply the criteria. The South West CCGs’ aim now is to ensure that NHS-funded non-emergency patient transport is provided in a fair way for all those who need help getting to hospital appointments.

Equal entitlement to NHS-funded non-emergency patient transport hinges on all patients being considered against common eligibility criteria, which means removing any existing automatic entitlements.

To inform and ultimately help achieve their aims, the CCGs have put together a short patient/public questionnaire. The questionnaire can be accessed here and will be open until 10 November.