How will care coordination impact GP face to face communication with district nurses?

All referrals will go through the Care Co-ordination Centre (CCC) once this is in place but this will not stop GPs interacting and discussing complex cases with their District Nursing (DN) teams as Virgin intend to have a named DN for each GP practice who will join GP meetings and GPs will have direct contact numbers for the nurses.

Handling all referrals through the CCC means that they can be handled in a much more timely manner, the CCC has oversight of the input from all of the professionals involved and schedule contact by the most appropriate team, according to urgency of need.

The skilled nurses running the CCC will be able to speak directly to GPs to discuss treatment plans, caseloads will be managed by district nursing teams and concerns around individuals’ needs – whether raised by the GP or the nursing team – will be discussed at Integrated Primary Care Team as they are now.

Virgin know from their experience of implementing mobile working that once it has been introduced the District Nurses naturally spend less time in their offices and more time with people who use services. This means the teams also have more time to speak to GPs, attend practice meetings and to discuss and share treatment plans with GPs and with their colleagues.