MCP and PACS vanguards

Modality Partnership MCP, Birmingham

The Modality Partnership is a single GP organisation serving 85,000 patients across 19 different locations in Birmingham, Sandwell and Walsall. It combines the advantages of small GP practices who understand their local communities with the medical and technological opportunities of a large-scale operation. Read these slides to find out more about their approach.

Encompass MCP, Kent (led by Whitstable Medical Practice)

Encompass MCP is made up of 16 medical practices in Kent.  With 125 GPs, if covers a population of 160,000 patients. They plan to create three health and social care hubs with community hospital beds, nursing home beds and extra care facilities. Read more about the GP leading the project, Dr John Ribchester.

West New Forest MCP, Hampshire

Led by Wessex LMC Chief Executive, Dr Nigel Watson, West New Forest MCP incorporates 11 practices along with community care teams and a community hospital in Lymington. The practices have opened a new branch at the hospital offering same day and routine appointments from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

Dudley MCP

Dudley CCG has begun a ground-breaking procurement process to select a single legal entity to take overall responsibility for primary care, community care, social care, mental health and hospital outpatient services. The local practices are closely involved with the process which may require them to adopt a new contractual model.

Symphony Programme, Somerset

The Symphony Programme is an innovative partnership between GPs and hospital services in Somerset. It is working towards a joint venture organisation between Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and local GP practices which will hold a single budget for the population and decide how to use local resources to deliver the best outcomes for patients. Read this case study to find out more.