What is the access model for Virgin’s Integrated Care Record (ICR)?

All users can see data generated from within their own organisation. Virgin will operate this model for their community clinics.

Where patients are referred to Virgin for direct care their community nurses/matrons can access primary, secondary and community data. This arrangement is already facilitated as the nurses are given access to the GP and hospital systems. Providing this via the Virgin ICR will improve efficiency and remove significant information governance risks which exist at the moment. Nurses will need to declare a relationship to the patient if there is no Virgin visit already present in the record (i.e. there is no pre-existing relationship).

Emergency Department doctors can access primary, secondary and community data. Doctors will have to break glass/declare relationship to access wider sharing for emergency reasons (e.g. mental health or social care data)

Where patients are identified via referral or risk stratification for Care Coordination, consent will be required i.e. patients will opt-in. All users can access the full patient record, with parts of the record visible based on the users RBAC. Patients may choose not to opt-in. In which case Virgin staff will only be able to see Virgin information and no sharing will occur.

If a patient opts-out completely, i.e. they do not allow Virgin to maintain any electronic record they will be returned to their GP for management.