Two providers selected for next stage of community services procurement

The procurement process for your care, your way began on 29 February and over the coming months we’ll be keeping you updated on progress through a series of updates like this one.

What’s happened over the last few weeks?

The CCG and the Council in Bath and North East Somerset are seeking a prime provider of community health and care services. This could be a single organisation or a consortium that will work closely with us to coordinate over 60 different services; sub-contracting to smaller, specialist providers where appropriate.

In the first round of procurement we received four bids. Each bidder was asked to provide a written response to a series of questions to demonstrate their ability to perform the role of a prime provider.

A team of over 30 evaluators including commissioners, community champions and subject matter experts came together to assess and score the bids and two organisations will now progress to the next stage; Invitation to Negotiate:

1. Virgin Care

2. Sirona care & health, in partnership with:

What happens next?

The paperwork for the next stage was released on Tuesday 26 April and the two organisations have until 23 May to provide their responses. The questions in this round go into a lot more detail about how each organisation would deliver person-centred care, support the workforce and deliver transformational change.

We will announce if both organisations have made it through to the third and final stage of the procurement by the middle of June after completing a detailed evaluation of their responses.

We plan to complete all three phases of the procurement and announce the new provider by the end of September.

Contact the team

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