Tell us about your experience of living with Type 2 diabetes


  • The rate of Type 2 diabetes is increasing by 4% locally every year
  • If you have Type 2 diabetes, come and tell us about what you love and hate about our services so we can improve them
  • Sign up for our Type 2 diabetes workshop in December

We want to improve diabetes care for people living in Bath and North East Somerset.  If you have Type 2 diabetes we need your help to understand what would help you manage your condition independently and how we can make services better.

In early December we are holding a workshop meeting for people with Type 2 diabetes at St Martin’s Hospital in Bath. Participants will have the opportunity to talk to health professionals and a local GP about what they love or hate about the support they receive and learn about the results of our 2015 diabetes survey and our plans for diabetes services.

This meeting is being organised in collaboration with Healthwatch.  If you are interested in taking part, please email by 26 November with your name, email and telephone contact details and any access requirements.