Community Mental Health Services Review


We are working with Bath and North East Somerset Council to review how we can improve community mental health services.

We are carrying out targeted engagement from September-November 2018 to make sure we seek the views of a diverse range of groups in B&NES.

Find out more and how you can get involved, below.



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The mental health review is looking at the way community mental health services are delivered locally, so we can decide what improvements need to be made in the future.

This will build on the priorities that were identified in the your care, your way review of community health and care services in 2016-17, and help us to achieve positive changes in mental health and wellbeing provision for people living in B&NES.

  • Read an overview of the mental health services review

  • Find out what people have told us so far in the summary reports on the right hand side of this page

  • Find out how you can get involved 

Public engagement: phase 1

The review began in the Summer 2017, when we asked people to tell us what is working well in current services, what could be improved, and where there are gaps.

During this first phase of engagement, we held over 60 face-to-face meetings and focus groups and received more than 100 survey responses from people who use services, those who care for them, those who provide services and the general public.

Last year, people told us that community mental health services must:

Focus on preventing people from escalating into crisis
• Improve community-based support
• Drive parity of esteem (equal value) between medical and social interventions
• Improve transitions from children to adult community mental health services
• Make sure that services work together more effectively, and
• Improve the signposting of services.

You can read a summary of what people told us in our Phase 1 Engagement Report.

Public engagement: phase 2

In March 2018, we formed six working groups to look at everything people have told us and to start developing options for how community mental health services could be delivered in the future. Each workstream has membership from people across the Council, CCG, key providers, voluntary sector representatives and Community Champions (who represent the public, those who use services and carers).

In  June 2018, we organised a series of workshops and drop-in event, inviting people who use services, those who care for them, those who deliver services, and the wider public, to come together to do some further planning on how we can improve how community mental health services are delivered.

Find out what we discussed and what people told us in the workshop summaries below:

How can…


Thank you to everyone who came to our workshops to share their views on how community mental health services in B&NES could be improved.

1. We are doing some targeted engagement from September-November 2018 to ensure that the following groups are encouraged and supported to share their views and inform the service model that will be developed:

  • Young people, including students and young carers
  • LGBTQ+ community
  • People who are homeless
  • Those experiencing substance misuse
  • People who live in poverty and deprivation,
  • Gypsies, travellers and boat-dwellers
  • Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups
  • People with physical and learning disabilities
  • People who live in rural and remote areas of B&NES

2. We will hold a public consultation in January-February 2019 and ask you what you think of the different options for delivering community mental health services locally.

3. We will choose a final service model, based on public feedback, which will be developed and put in place in April 2019.

If you have any questions or ideas about how we can improve community mental health services, please get in touch with us: