Joining up our information systems


We want to improve healthcare delivery for all patients by connecting up the different IT systems used by our partners and providers to hold patient records.

Our GPs, hospitals and community services all have their own information systems. This makes it difficult to find out about care being provided by other professionals and patients must remember and repeat their treatments and medications to all the different professionals they come into contact with.

Ensuring the interoperability of IT systems across the local health and care system will improve service efficiency, effectiveness and patient safety and see organisations working more closely together to provide joined up care.

The CCG is looking into the possibility of joining a programme called Connecting Care which is already running across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.  Connecting Care enables access to all the IT systems where patient information is stored and creates a portal that can be accessed by medical staff from different locations. This allows them to see a summary of patient information including appointments, diagnoses, medications and social care in one place.

Patient confidentiality is highly important to us. Once our plans have been developed further and are approved, we will be making everyone aware of how their information will be shared, what safeguards are in place to protect their confidentiality and how they can exercise their right to ensure their records are not shared if they so wish.

We will have an update on our plans in January 2016. In the meantime if you have any feedback or questions about this project, please get in touch via

Joining up our information systems will mean patients receive better care and an improved experience of health and social care services. So that’s why we’ve made it one of our six transformational projects and a key priority as part of our five year strategy.