Healthy Weight Strategy


  • Overweight and obesity in adults is predicted to reach 70% by 2034.
  • Two thirds of adults, a quarter of 2–10 year olds and one third of 10–15 year olds
    are overweight or obese
  • Obese persons have a 55% increased risk of developing depression over time

The CCG and the Council asked local residents, communities and providers to share their feedback on the draft Healthy Weight Strategy for BaNES.

Your views helped to inform the final development and delivery of the strategy.

Why did we consult on this?

The strategy describes our partnership plans to promote healthy weight and tackle unprecedented levels of obesity. A strategy was initially developed in BaNES in 2005 and subsequently refreshed in 2007 and 2011. This refresh of the strategy is a high-level overview of current issues relating to healthy weight and focuses on what will achieve sustainable change.

What happens next?

The Council collated all the feedback from the consultation and this was used to inform the final strategy which you can find here.

Implementation of the strategy will be monitored via the local Healthy Weight Strategy group and progress will be reported to the Health and Wellbeing Board and the Local Children’s Trust Board.

For more details please contact:

Jameelah Ingram
Public Health Development and Commissioning Manager
Bath & North East Somerset Council