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Engaging people

 and communities

 We are committed to putting patients, people who use   Proposals to restrict access to fertility and sterilisation services
 services, carers and the wider public at the centre of   Between November 2017 and January 2018 we asked patients, the public and professionals to share their views
 everything we do.   on our proposals to restrict access to fertility treatment and stop funding vasectomies and sterilisations in all but
       exceptional circumstances. We received over 1,100 responses to the consultation, including 138 face-to-face
       conversations during ‘street consultations’, focus groups and 1:1 discussions with groups including sixth formers
 Here are two examples of consultations we carried out in 2017/18:  at a local school.

 Review of community mental health services - jointly led by   The final decision, on the basis of public feedback and cost risks, was to continue to fund vasectomies. Similarly,
 the CCG and Council   women can still access NHS-funded sterilisations if they have explored alternative forms of contraception. With
 Between May and August 2017 we asked for people’s views of community   regard to fertility services, the Board balanced public feedback with clinical evidence on IVF success rates and
 mental health services and how they think they could be improved. To   the CCG’s financial position. Most of the proposals were adopted, with the exception of the women’s age
 ensure we heard the views of young people, we held a focus group at Off   requirement. You can read more on our website:
 the Record and promoted the survey via universities and Bath Area Play

 We had more than 60 face-to-face meetings and focus groups and
 received over 100 responses to tailored surveys from people who use   Three-quarters of people   Two-thirds of people disagreed
 services, carers, service providers and primary care professionals.   disagreed with our proposal to   with our proposal to stop
                             stop funding male vasectomies                           funding female sterilisation
 You can read our engagement report for phase one of the review on our

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