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                                            2017/18 has been a very challenging year for health and                           We are grateful to everyone who has taken time to have their say and get involved with our consultations and
                                            care services both locally and nationally. Bath and North East                    public engagement work. You can find out more about how to get involved on page 19.
                                            Somerset (B&NES), like many parts of the health service, is                       We would like to thank everyone who works for the CCG for their dedication and hard work. The staff are an
                                            struggling with growing demand, financial pressures and                           incredibly talented group that cares deeply about health and care services in B&NES and strives every day to make
                                            workforce shortages, which are making it more and more                            them the best they can be.
                                            challenging to meet some of the key national targets.

                                            We were required to deliver savings of £11.6m (4.5 per cent of our total
                                            allocation) to ensure we did not overspend. Consequently, we have had to
                                            make a number of difficult decisions on the availability of some products
                                            and treatments such as over-the-counter medicines and fertility treatment.                            Tracey Cox                              Dr Ian Orpen
                                                                                                                                                  Chief Officer                           Clinical Chair
                                            Despite these challenges, you will see that we have continued to increase
                                            the range of services available in the community such as the Falls Rapid
                                            Response Service and the Early Home Visiting Service, which both help to
                                            relieve the demand on primary care.

                                            We have also continued to work closely with our partner organisations in
                                            B&NES and across the B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire Sustainability and
                                            Transformation Partnership (STP). In particular, we have furthered our
                                            long-term plans to work more closely with B&NES Council.

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