Page 10 - BNES Annual Report Summary 2018
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Our priorities

       Here we describe some of our priorities. You can read more about our priorities, performance                           End of Life
       and progress in our full annual report which is available on our website.                                              End of life care is a priority because the quality of care provided depends
                                                                                                                              on so many factors within the wider health and social care system. We also
       Diabetes                                               Mental Health                                                   know there are groups of patients who do not receive the best quality care
       We have been able to achieve our treatment targets     Funding was made available in 2017/18 to provide                because of their specific circumstances, such as those with frailty, dementia
       this year by standardising the organisation and delivery   additional staffing for mental health crisis and liaison    and learning disabilities. In contrast, the standard of end of life care for
       of diabetes management at GP practice level, including   services to meet the needs of people of all ages. We          children and young patients in B&NES is excellent.
       targeted interventions for under-70’s and practice nurse   have also achieved the constitutional standard for early
       support. In addition, 34 multidisciplinary team ‘virtual   intervention in psychosis and 53 per cent of our patients   Part of our 2018/19 quality improvement programme focuses on frailty and
       clinics’ have helped 72 per cent of patients make good   receive NICE-concordant care within two weeks.                end of life care. This includes a dedicated community frailty nurse, plans
       progress towards their lower blood sugar level target.                                                                 to develop a ‘GP with extended responsibility’ for frailty and additional
       The NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, which           Cancer                                                          capacity from our local hospice team to provide ‘hospice at home’ care.
       identifies those at high risk and refers them onto     Our cancer services have been rated as outstanding
       a behaviour change programme, already has a            by NHS England and our region’s cancer alliance was             Maternity Care
       participation rate above 90 per cent in B&NES.                                                                         Across the B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire STP a Maternity Services Forum
                                                              successful in a bid for funding to improve diagnosis and        has been established to lead our collective Maternity Transformation Plan
                                                              treatment of lung cancer and quick and early diagnosis          and ensure implementation of the Better Births plan.These plans will
                                                              of colorectal cancer. B&NES has a good history of               require a service redesign in order to deliver the improvements required,
                                                              delivering the 62-day cancer standard - from urgent             and work has commenced on this with support from NHS England.
                             8,000 people in B&NES are        referral from a screening programme to first treatment -
                             living with Type 2 diabetes.     with 88 per cent of patients meeting this target in 2017.       Stakeholder events have already taken place to inform and evaluate
                                                                                                                              options before any general consultation with the public, and the case for
                                                                                                                              change will be finalised in the year to come.

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