Your Health, Your Voice – 11 July 2019

(1) Our Health, Our Future campaign

  • Share your health advice and knowledge with each other.
  • What would help you to find and use health and care services, and what would help to make a difference to your health and care in the future?
  • Ideas for who we can share the campaign with?
  • How people‚Äôs feedback will help shape our plan for health and care services in B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire.

Daisy Picking
Engagement Manager, BaNES CCG


(2) Tobacco control and how we can achieve a smoke-free generation

  • What are the barriers people face getting support to stop smoking?
  • How can we help and encourage people to get professional support and quit permanently?
  • Where do e-cigarettes and vaping fit in?

Dr Joanna McLaughlin
Public Health Specialty Registrar, B&NES council