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Who can make an individual funding request?

To access IFR a patients GP or secondary care clinician must submit an application on their behalf, we cannot accept funding requests directly from patients. The CCG has an identified list of interventions or conditions, which are classified and processed as either Criteria Based Access, Prior Approval or Exceptional Funding.

The Application Process

Prior Approval – An application for funding should only be submitted to the IFR team only if the referring clinician can evidence that the criteria in the relevant policy is met. Applications must be made by a patients NHS Doctor or Secondary Care Treating Clinician.

Criteria Based Access – No funding application is required. The patient can be referred to secondary care. An assessment against the criteria in the relevant policy will be undertaken in either primary or secondary care and treatment will take place if the required criteria in the relevant policy is met.

Exceptional Funding – An application for exceptional funding should only be submitted if:

The patient does not meet the criteria in the relevant policy but there is evidence of exceptionalism and the procedure required is not routinely funded therefore there is no policy with criteria to assess against.

All exceptional funding applications will be considered by a panel of clinicians on a monthly basis.

To satisfy exceptionalism, evidence submitted would normally demonstrate one of the following:

The patient is significantly different to the general population of patients with that condition


The patient is likely to gain significantly more benefit from the intervention requested than might normally be expected for a patient with that condition.

However the fact that a treatment is likely to be effective for the patient is not in itself a basis for exceptionality.


Does the NHS provide funding for treatment in Europe?

NHS funding for treatment in Europe may be provided for patients who are entitled to NHS care and meet the criteria for treatment. For more information, visit Seeking treatment abroad – Treatment abroad – NHS Choices