Your Health, Your Voice – 21 November 2019

(1) Therapy-led beds and care coordination Update on the ‘Homeward’ therapy-led beds pilot at St Martins Hospital What should community hospital beds be used for […]

Your Health, Your Voice – 5 September 2019

(1) Supporting people to manage chronic respiratory conditions What are the challenges people face managing conditions such as asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)? […]

Your Health, Your Voice – 11 July 2019

(1) Our Health, Our Future campaign Share your health advice and knowledge with each other. What would help you to find and use health and […]

Your Health, Your Voice – 16 May 2019

(1) How can we support more people to access cardiac rehab? Plans to expand the cardiac rehab service in B&NES. Opportunity for members to share […]

Your Health, Your Voice – 14 March 2019

(1) Primary Care Networks What are Primary Care Networks and why are they being introduced? How will they work in B&NES and what will change? […]

Procurement register

In adherence with requirements of the document ‘Revised Statutory Guidance on Managing Conflicts of Interest for CCGs’ published in June 2017 by NHS England, CCGs […]

Register of Interests

BaNES CCG is committed to the principles of transparent and open decision making. We have therefore established a policy to manage conflicts and potential conflicts of […]

IFR Photographic Consent Form

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  • 26th Jul 2019

NHS BaNES CCG Constitution

Our constitution sets out our arrangements for commissioning care for the people of Bath and North East Somerset. It describes our structure, our governing principles, […]

West of England Child Death Overview Panel Arrangements

When a child dies in Bath and North East Somerset, a review is conducted. In order to continuously improve outcomes for children and their families, […]

B&NES Community Safety and Safeguarding Partnership Arrangements

The new safeguarding arrangements for partners in Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) will come into effect from September 2019. The area covered by the […]