About us

How we spend your money

We spend money on a range of healthcare services commissioned for the people of BaNES and had a budget of £271.5 million in the last financial year 2018-19. The chart below shows the types of services we provide and illustrates how much we spent on each during 2018-19.

Acute healthcare (hospitals) makes up the highest percentage of expenditure by a considerable margin, with the next largest areas of expenditure being mental health (including learning disability), community services, Primary Care Delegated Comissioning and prescribing.

The majority of the Primary Care Delegated Commissioning budget goes to B&NES GP practices for their patient lists, and also for practice premises costs as well as some other primary care services.

The CCG’s five year strategic plan sets out our intention to shift more spending from acute healthcare to primary care and community care as pathways are redeveloped and services reviewed.