Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service

The non-emergency patient transport service for patients in B&NES is provided by E-zec Medical Transport Services.

Patients who wish to be considered for the service are required to be assessed by the Patient Transport Advice Centre against national eligibility criteria.

Non-emergency patient transport is available if:

  • Your medical condition means that you cannot use other forms of transport without it being detrimental to your health
  •  Your mobility means that you would be unable to access any other healthcare by other means
  • You need the skills or support of patient transport staff before/on/after the journey

More information is available on the non-emergency patient transport website.

Contact the Patient Transport Advice Centre
Call 01278 727410
The booking office is open 8.30am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday.

Useful links
Patient leaflet can be accessed here.
National eligibility criteria can be found here.
View the NEPTS website for more information.

Feedback – booking enquiries
If you have an enquiry, feedback or want to make a complaint about the process of being assessed for eligibility, or about making a booking with the patient transport advice centre, please contact PTAC on 01278 727410.

Feedback – about your journey

To provide feedback or to make a complaint about your journey, contact E-zec Medical Transport Services on 0300 777 5577.

Key Performance Indicators

The non-emergency patient transport service operates to performance standards (called Key Performance Indicators) that have been set by the CCG. These include:

  • the maximum time you should expect your journey to take, depending on the distance to travel
  • your arrival at hospital to be within the hour before your booked arrival time/appointment time
  • pick-up from hospital to take you home, within one hour and 15 minutes of booked time (if your journey was pre-booked at least the day before the day of travel) – one hour for dialysis patients
  • pick-up from hospital to take you home, within 4 hours of booked time (if your journey was not booked until the day of travel) – two hours for patients making their final journey at end of life

Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme

If you have a low income and do not have a medical need for transport, you may be able to reclaim your travel costs through a national NHS scheme called the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme. You can make a claim at the hospital at your appointment (provided you have the necessary paperwork) or you can make a postal claim up to three months after your appointment has taken place.  This service is not related in any way to the NEPTS service.