Joining up care in B&NES


Our STP is one of 44 ‘footprints’ in the UK. It includes over 100 GP practices.

There are five partner organisations involved with our local Integrated Care Alliance.

The CCG and B&NES Council are joining up their commissioning functions, pooling budgets and will form an interim Integrated Health and Care Board during 2018/19.


Rising demand for services as a result of people living longer and with more complex conditions is placing unprecedented pressure on the NHS and care services.  Therefore we must change the way we do things.

Instead of always treating people in hospitals, which are costly and often not the best place for a person to be, we need to care for more people in their own homes or local community.  We also need to break down the barriers between different organisations and better coordinate services, especially for people with complex conditions who receive care and treatment from several different organisations.

In common with many other parts of the country, we are looking at how we can work with partner organisations to bring all our resources together to provide the best quality care and health outcomes for our local population. This is a model of care that is known as an ‘integrated health system’ and locally there are three variations of this model at different stages of development. You can read about these on the next three tabs.


Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, or STPs, are partnerships between all the different health and care organisations and patient groups for a specific area.  Locally, we are part of the B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire STP.

Together we are working to develop and oversee delivery of shared plans to drive up the quality of services across our combined area, improve health outcomes and ensure our services are cost-effective and sustainable.  In 2018/19 our STP’s priorities are to:

  • transform the care and wellbeing of our older population
  • transform mental health services.

Chris Bown, Senior Responsible Officer for our STP says; “By working more collaboratively we can ensure that first-class health and social care services can be delivered to those living here.”

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Senior leaders from local health and care organisations in B&NES are now working closer together to take collective responsibility for managing the local health and care budget and making quality improvements to local services.   Alongside the CCG, members of the Alliance Board include representatives from:

  • Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust
  • B&NES Council
  • The Royal United Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Virgin Care
  • Healthwatch

and representatives from primary care (GP staff) and the voluntary sector.The Alliance was established in autumn 2017 and is in the process of developing shared priorities for 2018/19.

The Council and the CCG are taking steps to join up the commissioning of health and care services. This builds on several years of successful collaboration. It will mean local health and care budgets can be pooled and commissioners will be able to plan and deliver services that are better coordinated around the individual.

We know there are a number of key factors, besides access to and quality of NHS and social care services, that impact on our health and wellbeing.  Housing, transport and education, for example, all play a part in determining how healthy we are. Therefore combining NHS and local authority commissioning into one function will help our commissioners to work more closely with other Council departments.

During 2018/19, Council and CCG officers will be progressing a new joint governance and decision-making process and will establish an interim Integrated Health and Care Board.