Individual funding requests

What are IFRs?

We receive a fixed amount of money from the Government to meet the healthcare needs for everyone living in Bath and North East Somerset.

Demand for healthcare is growing, but there is only a set amount of money available to spend. The priority is paying for those medicines and treatments that are proved to work well, can demonstrate they improve people’s health and offer good value for money. As a result there are some treatments we do not normally pay for.

However, your GP or clinician may make a request for a treatment or service that we do not routinely fund if they feel there are exceptional clinical circumstances related to your case. This process is known as the Individual Funding Request (IFR) process.

Who can make an individual funding request?

Your GP or clinician can submit an application for funding on your behalf. We cannot accept funding requests directly from patients.

How to submit an IFR request

The IFR application form and guidance on the process can be downloaded here. There is a bespoke IFR application form to seek funding for referral to weight management services which can be downloaded here.

What are specialised services?

Specialised services are those services provided in relatively few hospitals, to catchment populations of more than one million people. These services tend to be located in specialist hospitals in major towns and cities and are commissioned directly by NHS England.

Please consult the NHS England manual for prescribed specialised services for the list of services NHS England will provide. If the procedure is outlined in the manual, your GP or consultant should make a referral on your behalf and the hospital will make the assessment and funding request on your behalf, if you meet the criteria.

Click here for more information and guidance about applying for specialised services.

Does the NHS provide funding for treatment in Europe?

NHS funding for treatment in Europe may be provided for patients who are entitled to NHS care and meet the criteria for treatment. For more information, visit Seeking treatment abroad – Treatment abroad – NHS Choices