Fraud, bribery and corruption statement

Bath and North East Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is committed to eliminating fraud and corruption within the NHS, freeing up public resources for better patient care.

To this end, we employ a specialist counter-fraud service to provide a comprehensive programme against fraud and corruption, which is overseen by the CCG’s Audit Committee.

All anti-fraud and corruption legislation is complied with including the Bribery Act 2010, and forms part of the CCG’s duties.

It is a criminal offence to give, promise or offer a bribe, and to request, agree to receive, or accept a bribe. A bribe may take the form of any financial or other advantage to another person in order to induce a person to perform improperly.

Although the Bribery Act permits hospitality, all staff are required to consider on an individual basis whether accepting any hospitality offered is appropriate and, should they then elect to take it, to record it within the CCG’s Hospitality register (in line with the Receipt of Hospitality, Gifts and Inducements Policy), so that it has been fully disclosed.

It is also important that all of our contractors and agents comply with our policies and procedures.

When entering into contracts with organisations, we follow the NHS standard terms and conditions of contract for the purchase of goods and supplies.

We ask all who are involved with the work of the CCG – as employees, agents, trading partners, stakeholders and patients – to help us in our fight against fraud and corruption, and to contact us immediately if they have any concerns or suspicions.

If you have any concerns or suspicions we need to know about, the CCG’s Local Counter Fraud Specialist can be contacted in confidence:

Andrew Morley, Counter Fraud Area Manager                     Tony Hall, Counter Fraud Manager
07827 230521                                                                              07580 971240                                                 

Tracey Cox
Chief Officer